Chief: Gayko Georgii Vasylovych

Department for Traumatology and Orthopedics of Adults
27 Bulvarno-Kudriavska Street
Kyiv 01054 Ukraine
6th floor of Clinical building (right wing)
+38 (044) 486-32-62 +38 (044) 486-88-67
Working Hours:
9:00 a.m. - 05:30 p.m.
Consult Hours:
Tuesday, Friday
10:00 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.
Surgery Hours:
Monday, Wednesday

Gayko Georgii Vasylovych

Chief of the department - Kostogryz Oleh Anatoliiovych

MD, Honorary Physician of Ukraine

Today’s focuses of the department’s scientific and practical activities are the orthopaedic treatment of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of joints (osteoarthritis, aseptic necrosis), primary and revision hip and knee arthroplasty, and treatment of fractures and their consequences.


Staff members:

  1. Gayko Georgii Vasylovych – honoured scientist of Ukraine, the laureate of the National Award of Ukraine in Science and Technologies, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine in traumatology and orthopaedics, a member of Americal Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, a laureate of the award in clinical medicine by the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, MD, Professor.
  2. Kostogryz Oleh Anatoliiovych – head of the department, MD, honorary doctor of Ukraine.
  3. Pidhayetskyi Vitalii Mykhailovych – head of the department, PhD, physician of the highest category candidate of medical sciences.
  4. Torchynskyi Viktor Petrovych, MD, Senior scientific researcher of the department for Traumatology and Orthopedics of Adults.
  5. Osadchuk Taras Ivanovych – PhD, Senior scientific researcher of the department for Traumatology and Orthopedics of Adults.
  6. Kalashnikov Oleksii Valeriiovych – MD, Leading scientific researcher of the department for Traumatology and Orthopedics of Adults.
  7. Zaiets Volodymyr Borysovych – PhD, scientific researcher of the department for Traumatology and Orthopedics of Adults.
  8. Nizalov Taras Volodymyrovych – physician of the highest category.
  9. Kozak Roman Anatoliiovych – physician of the highest category.
  10. Moroz Mykola Dmytrovych – orthopaedic and trauma surgeon.

Consulting in matters of joint replacement and treatment of the following disorders and diseases:

Joint replacement:

  • deforming hip arthritis (coxarthrosis);
  • dysplastic coxarthrosis;
  • deforming knee arthritis (gonarthrosis);
  • deforming ankle arthritis;
  • femoral head's aseptic necrosis;
  • neck fractures;
  • instability of hip prosthetic components and revision arthroplasty (replacement of prostheses);
  • instability of knee prosthetic components and revision arthroplasty (replacement of prostheses).


  • Arthroscopic interventions into knee and shoulder joints.

Osteosynthesis of bone fractures:

  • femoral neck fracture;
  • fractures upper limbs’ bones;
  • pelvic fractures;
  • femoral bone fractures;
  • tibia bone fractures;
  • other traumatic injuries of bones and joints;
  • pseudoarthrosis;
  • malunions;
  • traumatic injuries of joint;
  • Hallux Valgus;
  • Other orthopaedic disorders (rheumatoid polyarthritis and ankylosing spondylo-arthritis (Bekhterev syndrome)).


In 1967, the Institute founded a Clinic for Bone Transplantation. It has become a background for the department of advanced training for physicians. Chief of the clinic and the department was a corr-member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, Prof. F.R. Bohdanov. The clinic worked to improve the methods of hip arthroplasty using preserved allo- and hetero tissues.

Відділ травматології та ортопедії дорослих ДУ ІТО НАМНУ

In 1976, the clinic got another head – the honoured scientist of Ukraine, professor I.V. Shumada. Then, it paid close attention to the study and practical implementation of homo- and heteroplastic in reconstructive surgery of the musculoskeletal system.

In this period, at the beginning of the 1970th, the era of endoprostheses started. Katonin K.I., PhD has performed there the first total hip arthroplasty surgery within the Ukrainian SSR using a Sivash prosthesis.


K.I. Katonin

In 1981, O.I. Rybachuk, MD headed the clinic. Complex studies of degenerative-dystrophic disorders of large joints remain the focus of scientific studies and practical application (I.V. Shumada, O.I. Rybachuk, K.I. Katonin, G.I. Ovchinnikov, L.P. Kukuruza). To summarize this long research, the group of scientists has published a monograph “Diagnostics and Treatment of Degenerative-Dystrophic Disorders of Joints” edited by Prof. I.V Shumada..

For the scientific and practical activities of the clinic, it was crucial to elaborate and clinically implement reconstructive-recovery operations in orthopaedic disorders and consequences of traumas, namely – degenerative-dystrophic disorders of joints (O.I. Rybachuk, K.I. Katonin, L.P. Kukuruza, G.L. Ovchinnikov), bone lesions (O.I. Rybachuk), reparative regeneration disorders (Y.S. Zhyla, A.V. Kalashnikov, O.O. Yatsevskyi).

To develop modern methods of orthopaedic disorders and trauma treatment and manufacture the newest medical equipment, the Institute initiated, and in 1988 launched the Republican scientific, practical, and training society "Traumatology and Orthopedics", and in a year, in 1989, an association “Osteosynthesis” appeared in the premises of the Institute, headed by the Deputy Director of the Institute – B.V. Levytskyi. The Department for Orthopedics and Traumatology of adults, headed by O.I. Rybachuk, was a clinical base for that association.

It is worth mentioning that before, in the territory of the Soviet Union, to fix bone fragments, trauma surgeons applied Klimov's beam, Novikov's fixator, Bohdanov's nail, and plaster cast. All these did not ensure a reliable fixation but had many complications. Thus, a set for bone osteosynthesis, elaborated by our department (O.I. Rybachuk, L.M. Ankin, L.P. Kukuruza) made a revolution.


L.P. Kukuruza

Staff members of the department (O.I. Rybachuk, K.I. Katonin, L.P. Kukuruza, G.L. Ovchinnikov, O.O. Yatsevskyi) and other departments of the Institute (G.V. Gayko, L.M. Ankin, A.P. Krys-Puhach) were actively participating in the elaboration of the stable-functional osteosynthesis and implementation of the new methods into medical institutions in Ukraine and abroad.

The members of the clinic made a significant contribution, developing and implementing joint replacement methods in Ukraine (O.I. Rybachuk, L.P. Kukuruza, K.I. Katonin, V.P. Torchynskyi). Together with O.I. Rybachuk, L.P. Kukuruza, V.P. Torchynskyi and in cooperation with a company “INMED” and the Institute of Material Studies, NAS of Ukraine, they created a domestic hip endoprosthesis, applied in medical institutions in Ukraine and abroad.

In 1995, the clinic of traumatology and orthopaedics of adults became a basis for the “Republic Centre of Joint Arthroplasty”, headed by O.I. Rybachuk.

In 2002, professor G.V. Gayko, the honoured scientist of Ukraine, a corr.-member of the NAMS of Ukraine, headed the clinic. The clinic still studies the issues of dystrophic disorders of joints, namely – dysplastic coxarthrosis in adults (V.P. Torchynskyi). It extends and deepens scientific research in matters of primary and revision joint arthroplasty, discovers reasons and performs early diagnostics of aseptic instability of prosthetic components (O.M. Sulyma, V.M. Pidhaietskyi), peculiarities of prosthetic treatment in dysplastic coxarthrosis (V.P. Torchynskyi), cementless endoprosthesis in hip osteoarthritis (V.M. Pidhaietskyi), differentiated surgical treatment of gonarthrosis (T.I. Osadchuk). The department works to improve revision hip arthroplasties, especially in cases of aseptic instability with defects of an acetabular cavity (O.M. Sulyma).

The members of the clinic (G.V. Gayko, V.M. Pidhaietskyi, O.M. Sulyma), together with the E.O. Paton Electrowelding Institute and “Motor Sich” CJSC, elaborated a cementless prosthesis for initial and revision arthroplasty, using new materials and production technologies. Nowadays, clinical trials of the system for arthroplasty have finished, and the medical devices got their state registration and are in the stage of preparation for serial production. Moreover, the clinic is developing a domestic system for revision knee arthroplasty (G.V. Gayko, V.M. Pidhaietskyi, O.M. Sulyma).

In cooperation with “ChM” (Poland), the clinic implements and improves the methods of intramedullary locking osteosynthesis for fresh fractures and reparative osteogenesis disorders (G.V. Gayko, A.V. Kalashnikov, O.V. Kalashnikov). The current experimental and clinical studies examine how vitamin D regulates reparative osteogenesis.

Within the recent 5 years, the Clinic of Traumatology and Orthopedics of Adults headed by Prof. Gayko G.V. supervised the protection of one doctor’s dissertation (by V.P. Torchynskyi, MD) and four PhD dissertations (by O.V. Kalashnikov, PhD, T.I. Osadchuk, PhD, V.M. Pidhaietskyi, PhD, O.M. Sulyma, PhD). 

Doctors of this Clinic