Pathomorphology department with biologic subdivision (vivarium)

There are two doctorshabilitatus and one employed by the department.

Focus of scientific activities — study of the role of intrabone blood supply in pathogenesis of growth and development disorders of bones and joints, physiological reconstruction of bone tissue and reparative osteogenesis, origin of degenerative disorders of joints, ischemic and purulent complications of locomotion system injuries.

Locomotion system is being studied on the basis of system methodology and experimental simulation using X-Ray, morphologic and biomechanical methods, computer-aided morphometric, filling blood vessels with contrast masses, production of lightened and macerated preparations, indication of intra-bone and intra-tissue pressure, regional blood circulation in normal and pathologic condition.

Basing on results of our studies, we developed the system knowledge of locomotion system, real complication of fracture union, recovered the mechanisms of physiologic and pathologic reconstruction of bone tissue.

It has been established that the basis of posttraumatic blood circulation disorders is the mechanism of hemocirculation re-distribution and peculiarities thereof on hierarchic levels of locomotion system.

Pathomorphology department with biologic subdivision (vivarium)We discovered the meaning of blood supply for pathogenesis of functional reconstruction, development of degenerative processes in bones and joints, and emergence of purulent complications.

We discovered new physiologic mechanisms of function impact on reconstruction of bone tissue, performed due to hydrodynamic effects of elastic deformations, extent whereof is dependent on the value of mechanic tension in bones under loading.

Practical focus — consulting and medical assistance to theoretic and experimental studies, morphological diagnostics and verification of diseases and injures of locomotion system.

Doctors of this Clinic