Chief: Liutko Olga Borysivna

Laboratory of microbiology and chemotherapy
27 Bulvarno-Kudriavska Street Kyiv 01601 Ukraine 8th floor of polyclinic building Entrance from 7 Chekhovsky Lane
+38 (044) 486-60-67
Working Hours:
Monday-Friday 9:00 - 16:00 Liutko Olga Borysivna

Laboratory of microbiology and chemotherapy is the independent scientific and practical subdivision and performs:

  • Diagnostic bacteriology investigations of purulo-septic complications and infections in hospitalized persons of the entire clinics of the Institute, identifying sensibility of revealed agents to chemical preparations.
  • Sanitary-bacteriologic studies to control meeting the requirements of sanitary and anti-epidemic regime in premises of clinics of the Institute to prevent hospital infections and post-operative complications pursuant to the Order of HCM of Ukraine NO. 236 of 04.04.2012.
  • Scientific microbiologic and serologic studies pursuant to planned scientific activities of the Institute in the aspect of serologic diagnostics of bone-purulent infections, as well as studies of microbiologic aspects of inflammatory non-purulent diseases (complications) of locomotion system and experimental and clinical assessment of the efficiency of new anti-bacterial preparations.

Practical work of the laboratory covers:

  • Objective etiological diagnostics of purulence in patients with different localization of trauma injury and different immune status.
  • Defining antibiotic-resistance of certain agents with recommendations regards the proper scheme of antibiotics therapy.
  • Consultative assistance to doctors of the Institute and other medical institutions of Kyiv.

Scientific subdivision of the laboratory:

  • Developed theoretically and practically and implemented complex of microbiologic and serologic criteria for etiologic diagnostics of purulent inflammations of bones and joints with conditionally-pathogenic microorganisms and prognostication of course of maturation;
  • Developed on contemporary level the methodic for objective defining objective sensitivity and resistance of the agents of purulo-inflammation processes in orthopedics using clarification tests and interpretation of results according to international requirements CLSI (2009) and EUCAST (2011);
  • Performs analytic study of etiology of infectious-inflammation processes in periprosthetic infections and aseptic instability of big joints endoprostheses for diagnostics, optimization of treatment and prevention of complications.

Results are represented in monographs, articles in domestic and foreign journals, patents, scientific and practical conferences of different levels.

Doctors of this Clinic