Chief: Panchenko Lesia Mykhailivna

Laboratory of immunology
27 Bulvarno-Kudriavska Street, Kyiv 01601 Ukraine Consultative-polyclinic building, 7th floor (from 7 Chekhovsky lane)
(044) 486–86–65
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Panchenko Lesia Mykhailivna

Chief — Panchenko Lesia Mykhailivna,

Laboratory staff includes two candidates of medical sciences. Focuses of scientific activities of the laboratory are study of mesenchymal (stromal) stem cells – osteogenic cells, which are predecessors of bone marrow in human in normal conditions, and pathology and role thereof in osteogenesis in orthopedic-traumatology diseases.

Practical work is focused on use of indicators of cell and humoral immunity for diagnostics and treatment of orthopedic-traumatology patients.

The laboratory has developed the schemes for immunity-correction therapy in system diseases of locomotion system. Staged method is a specific feature of immunity correction. The first stage stipulates the maximum elimination of immunosuppression factors, and the following – immunotrophic preparations in accordance with the readings of immunogramms.

Laboratory of immunology

Laboratory staff has developed methods for cloning mesenchymal (stromal) stem cells of human bone marrow, allowing defining bone tissue osteogenic potential. It has been recovered that regeneration potential of bone tissue in normal and pathologic condition could be defined by the efficiency of cloning of osteogenic cells-predecessors, by quantity of nucleated and osteogenic cells-predecessors in 1cubic centimeters of cancellous tissue.

The developed test system allows defining the direct influence of chemical and physical factors on indications of regeneration potential of human bone tissue.

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