microbiology and chemotherapy, neuro-orthopedics and problems of pain, biochemistry, biomechanics, immunology and Pathomorphology department with biologic subdivision (vivarium)

Laboratory of microbiology and chemotherapy

Diagnostic bacteriology investigations of purulo-septic complications and infections in hospitalized persons of the entire clinics of the Institute

Laboratory of neuro-orthopedics and problems of pain

Scientific work of the laboratory is focused on the system scientific practical researches, aimed at resolving theoretical essence of pain as it is, clarification and extension studies of development mechanisms of many types of nosological of chronic pain in locomotion system disorders; diagnostic monitoring of neurologic disorders in patients with pathologies of movement and basing system

Laboratory of biochemistry

Focus of scientific work of the laboratory is examination of metabolic processes and mineral exchange in connective tissue of locomotion system and interrelation thereof with changes of hormones at such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis, osteomyelitis (hematogenic and posttraumatic),

Laboratory of biomechanics

Focus work of the laboratory is connected with the study of function of a human locomotion system as intake and in case of different pathologic conditions of bone and muscle systems (traumas, congenital and acquired deformations, diseases)

Laboratory of immunology

Focuses of scientific activities of the laboratory are study of mesenchymal (stromal) stem cells – osteogenic cells, which are predecessors of bone marrow in human in normal conditions, and pathology and role thereof in osteogenesis in orthopedic-traumatology diseases.

Pathomorphology department with biologic subdivision (vivarium)

Pathomorphology department with biologic subdivision - Focus of scientific activities – study of the role of intrabone blood supply in pathogenesis of growth and development disorders of bones and joints