An International congress, devoted to clinical neurophysiology (31st International Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology, ICCN), was held on 1-6 of May 2018 in Washington City (the USA) and participated by specialists in functional and US diagnostics, neurologists, electrophysiologists from many countries of the world, and particularly from Ukraine (SI “ITO NAMSU”, department chief, senior scientific researcher, GaykoO.G.).

Published: 07.06.2018
International congress, devoted to clinical neurophysiology

The program of ICCN included theoretic and practical courses and seminars (2 days) and section meetings – lections and reports devoted to the newest scientific achievements in clinical neurophysiology (3 days).

The main points of interest were electromyography and diagnostics of neuro-muscular pathology (acquired and genetic polyneuropathies, side amyotrpohic sclerosis – SAS, myasthenia and progressing muscle dystrophies, etc.), electroencyphalography (epilepsy), diagnostic trans-cranial magnetic stimulation, US examination of peripheral nerves, neurophysiologic intraoperation monitoring etc.

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