The department, pursuant to the tasks imposed thereon, is a coordination center for structural subdivisions of the institution and provides assistance in matters of scientific, organization and methodology activities.

Main tasks of the Scientific, organization and methodology department are:

1) organizational and methodology management of the institution’s structural subdivisions, direction of activities thereof to efficient implementation of state policy in the sphere of healthcare;

2) timely and complete running of the events, stipulated by the schedule of scientific, organizational and methodology work of the institution, and general supervision of fulfillment thereof;

3) analysis of forms and methods of scientific and organizational work of the institution; generalization and distribution thereof;

4) organization and control of timely and proper formation of annual reports on the institution’s activities.


Scientific, organizational and methodology department:

1) provides organizational, material and technical support of preparation and holding meetings, conferences, plenums, seminars, conventions and other events, being held by the director of the institution and his deputies;

2) jointly with other subdivisions prepares informational, analytic and other materials, surveys, presentations, reports, drafts of orders and instructions, materials for press-conferences, director’s meetings with representatives of mass media etc.;

3) performs systematic scientific analysis of documented sources of information to support scientific researches and for extending professional referential and informational fund of the institution;

4) prepares and controls execution of the schedule for publication monographs, reference books, methodic recommendations, scientific information letters etc.;

5) according to the propositions of the institution’s structural subdivision, properly adjusted with the deputy director, academic secretary (pursuant to distribution of the duties), the department prepares drafts of annual and quarter plans of the institution, ensures preparation of reports on the fulfillment thereof;

6) Jointly with the other structural subdivision, the department ensures resolution of the matters related to director’s participation in the events, held jointly with the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine;

7) publishes work schedules and main events of the institution on the official web page, as stipulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Access to the Public Information”;

8) promptly considers the matters related to the competence of the department and prepares reports to the institution’s director, draft of the respective documents or propositions on procedure of further consideration and solution of the tasks;

9) analyses organization of orthopedic and traumatology assistance, provided to the people of Ukraine in general and per regions;

10) provides consultative and methodological support while planning scientific themes and dissertation works pursuant institutional manuals;

11) translates business correspondence, abstracts, summaries, presentations for participation in international conferences;

12) forms statistic digest about details of orthopedic and traumatology service of Ukraine and prepares it for publishing;

13) processes materials of reports, delivered to the journal “The Messenger of Orthopedics, Traumatology and Prosthetic Treatment”;

14) performs patent-and-informational support of the researches of the institution;

15) makes propositions on materials required for patenting the inventions abroad;

16) controls activities connected with obtaining and validity of the security documents, prepares propositions on termination thereof;

17)  implements state and professional standards regulating metrological rules and regulations;

18) performed defining optimal nomenclature for measuring devices and implementation thereof to increase efficiency of the works;

19) performs metrological examination of the researches, organizes metrological certification, validation and maintenance of measuring devices;

20) creates annual schedule of exhibitions, books stands and equipment, ensures security of showpieces of the institution;

21) prepares draft orders about business trips of the institution’s employees;

22) jointly with the trade union committee prepares anniversary congratulations, greetings for the institution’s employees and other events;

23) timely and properly copies and multiplies documents of the institution;

24) ensures proper delivery of the documents and other materials of the institution.