International activities

International activities

According to the agreement entered into in year 2018, we develop our cooperation with CENOBIOLOGICS LTD (Milton Keynes, the UK). The main focus is the implementation of new organizational and structural forms of research and development activities for efficient carrying out complex scientific researches combines with innovations in science and medicine, preparing protocols for common scientific-to-practice researches, biotechnological, and diagnostic-and-treatment protocols using regenerative medicine technologies, guidelines on testing jointly elaborated methods and equipment. The Ukrainian person in charge of the project – head of the research and development center of tissue and cellular therary Holiuk Y.L. (More details in 1 pdf)

Since 2013, we started a scientific-to-practice project jointly with the institution “Children’s Bone & Spine Surgery”. Address: 1525 E Windmill Ln Suite 201, Las Vegas, NV 89123. Coordinator: David G. Stewart, MD. The Ukrainian person in charge of the project: Huk Y.M., head of the department of pediatric traumatology and orthopedics (More details in 2 pdf)

Within the agreement with the State institution “The Republic Research and Development Center of Trauma Care and Orthopedics” by the Ministry of Health of Belarus, the leading researcher of the partner – Prof. Sokolovskyi O.A., we work over two topics:

“Diagnostics and treatment of system skeleton diseases in children and adolescents” and “Diagnostics and treatment of hip pathologies in children and adolescents”. The Ukrainian person in charge of the project: Prof.Huk Y.M., head of the department of pediatric traumatology and orthopedics (2017-2022). (More details in 3 pdf)

According to the agreement (concluded in 2019) with RPG “NDITO” of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan Republic on cooperation in the sphere of the system for surgical treatment of degenerative-dystrophic lesions and consequences of hip and knee traumas, arthrosis on the background of system connective tissue disorders, we keep elaborating and improving methods for primary and revision arthroplasty, also involving the 3D technologies. The Ukrainian person in change: Prof.Herasymenko S.I., head of the department of joint diseases in adults (More details in 4 pdf)

Since 2019, there exists a memorandum on cooperation with the Republic specialized research and development medical center of orthopedics and traumatology

 року діє меморандум про співробітництво з Республіканським спеціалізованим науково-практичним медичним центом травматології та ортопедії MOZ RUz. The Ukrainian person in charge: Prof. Kostrub O.O., head of sport and ballet trauma department (More details in 5 pdf)

An agreement on cooperation with Northwestern memorial healthcare (the leading hospital of Northwestern University, Chicago) is at the stage of adjustment. In June 2021, we have signed a non-disclosure agreement (a legally binding contract establishing confidential relations). The Ukrainian person in charge: senior scientific researcher of bone infection department, PhD Med. Kolov G.B. (More details in 6 pdf)

Besides the topics under the concluded agreements, we carry on our cooperation with foreign experts, started in 2014: educational courses (Uniwersytet Medyczny im. Karola Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu). Within 2017-2019, there was a course of lectures “Diagnostics and treatment of the upper limb pathologies”. Coordinator of the project: P. Lubowski. The person in charge at the Institute: corr.-member of the NAMSU, Prof. Strafun S.S.

Certificate of ITO NAMSU post-graduate students who participated in international events (conferences, symposiums, etc.)