The history of the Institute starts in 1919, with the opening of a new institution in Kyiv devoted to treatment of orthopedic patients. Then it was called “The Disabled Child House”.

Scientific work

The Institute is the central research and development institutions of the Healthcare Ministry and the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, focused on considering the problems of etiology, pathogenesis, prevention, diagnostics and treatment of patients with pathologies of locomotion system, organization of specialized service


Structure of the SI "The Institute of traumatology and orthopaedics by the NAMSU of Ukraine" as of 01.01.2018

Scientific, organization and methodology department

Scientific, organization and methodology department is the structural subdivision, subordinated to the CEO of the institution. The department, pursuant to the tasks imposed thereon, is a coordination center for structural subdivisions of the institution and provides assistance in matters of scientific, organization and methodology activities.

Blood collection and preservation department

Head – Huba Oksana Dmytrivna – transfusiologist of the highest category