Gayovych Vasyl Vasylovych

Focuses of work:

Leading expert of the department for trauma injuries of nerves of upper and lower limbs, brachial plexus. He has developed and actively applies new methods in orthopedic recovery of functions of limbs with irrecoverable damages of nerves and consequences thereof.

Mr. Gayovychisaleading expert in recovery traumatology and orthopedics of limbs, reconstructive surgery, intra-articular fractures of shoulder, elbow and knee joints. He has vast experience in total replacement of shoulder and elbow joints, treatment of fractures of tubular bones, shield bone, complicated trauma injuries of upper limb and surgical interventions in difficult areas (vascular and nerve bundles, etc.).

He is an experienced specialist in reconstructive surgery of soft tissue injuries, degenerative disorders and sport traumas (abruptions and divulsions of muscles, tendons etc.).