Chief: Doctor of medical sciences, prof. Grytsay Mykola Pavlovych

Department for bone purulent surgery
27 Bulvarno-Kudriavska Street,
Kyiv 01054 Ukraine
7th floor of Clinic building (left wing)
+38 (044) 486-69-83


Working Hours:
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Surgery Hours:
Monday, Wednesday

Doctor of medical sciences, prof. Grytsay Mykola Pavlovych

Head of the department:

Hrytsai Mykola Pavlovych

MD, Professor, emeritus doctor of Ukraine, physician of the highest category

The Bone-infection surgery department of the SI “ITO MANS of Ukraine” provides the whole range of surgical treatment in osteomyelitis processes, infectious arthritis, septic complications after arthroplasties following the most modern methods.

His main scope of activities is studying, improving, and implementing modern technologies into the practice of treatment for the mentioned categories of patients. Annually, about 500 patients get here a complex surgical treatment related to complications after traumas and surgical interventions in the musculoskeletal system.

Department for bone purulent surgery

Scientific studies and practical routines of the department:

  • Treatment of limb trauma consequences (deformities, shortenings).
  • Treatment of infectious complications after arthroplasties.
  • Reconstructive-recovery surgeries after infectious complications, including those after metal osteosynthesis (surface, intraosseous, and endosteal types).
  • Treatment of severe combat traumas of limbs.
  • Severe cases of revision arthroplasties after infection of the joint in presence of bone lesions.
  • Treatment of bone osteomyelitis with managed perosseous osteosynthesis according to Ilizarov.
  • Treatment of pseudoarthroses, bone lesions, nonunions of fractures (with and without skin defects), complicated with an infectious process and without complications.
  • Treatment of hematogenic osteomyelitis in different locations, including atypical forms in adults and children (Brodie abscess, Garre's sclerosing osteomyelitis, tumour-like osteomyelitis).
  • Free and non-free bone plastics in the treatment of musculoskeletal system’s chronic osteomyelitis in adults and children.
  • Treatment of infection-associated arthritis.
  • Use of temporal spacers for large joints after infections (infectious arthritis, infectious complications after initial arthroplasties with further revision prosthetic treatment).

For therapy, we widely apply only nails and nail-and-wire external fixation devices, as well as other types of medical devices for bone osteosynthesis. Using complex treatment, we eliminate infectious processes successfully, reach consolidation of bone fragments within adequate terms for fracture nonunions and pseudoarthroses, after the replacement of bone defects, elongation of extremities with the correction of immunological and metabolic statuses.

The department has implemented a single-stage complex treatment of fracture nonunions and pseudoarthroses complicated with osteomyelitis; this makes the treatment 1.5-2 times faster.

We apply a complex treatment of septic complications after arthroplasties: single- or double-stage replacement of an internal prosthesis; we develop and use customized spacers and permanent implants.

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