Recent time demonstrates the increase of the interest to the method of acupuncture diagnostics by R.Foll (EPDF) in different spheres of medical scienceand practice due to possible increase in efficiency of diagnostic means.

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Recent time demonstrates the increase of the interest to the method of acupuncture diagnostics by R.Foll (EPDF) in different spheres of medical scienceand practice due to possible increase in efficiency of diagnostic means.

Thus, thanks to EPDF we studied different nosologies, namely: Allergic and dermatology disorders, pathologies of thyroid body, chronic diseases of breathing and digest systems in children in the Institute of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology by NAMS of Ukraine, pathology in internal organs in research and development institute of oncology and radiology of the Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine, hypertonic disease, medicament testing of the drugs for chronic periodontitis treatment etc.

According to the definition, electropuncture is surface influence of electric current on biologically active puncts (BAP) by electrode not distorting the skin surface.

EPDF — means defining and estimation of functional conditions of organs and tissues of human body on the grounds of the results of measuring skin electro conductivity, performed in non-invasion way, into the BAPs of the respective canals (meridians). The German doctor R. Foll (1963) described 8 new canals and over 700 Baps, studied their connection with organs and systems (organ and tissue complexes) of a body and implemented a new method for express-diagnostics – EPDF. The basis for electro puncture is the phenomenon of increased conductivity of BAPs, which condition changes depending on condition of the connected organs and systems.

EPDF method is based on synthesis of classiceastern and traditional western medicine. R. Foll adopted traditional reflex therapy with its principle to cope not with a disease, but with a patient, to the contemporary western medicine with its notions and terminology.

The method lays in functional interrelation between BAP and organs and tissues connected thereto through the abovementioned canal. Each organ and tissue has its own electrical (energy) potential, established by complex biochemical and biophysical processes occurring on sub-cellular, cellular and organ levels.

This potential creates energy, circulating through the abovementioned canals and creating electric conductivity of the BAP being measured. Reasonable achievements in studying BAP’s and connection thereof with the internal organs belong to A.K. Podshybiakin, who established changes of electric potentials in places of nerves’ incoming into skin during experiments on animal and human skin. The mentioned places of nerve incoming on the skin have been defined as BAPs. Scientists approved that BAP’s have increased sensitivity to pain, oxygen absorption, metabolism, temperature and infra-red emanation. Research by A.K. Podshybiakin and F.G. Portnov approved that in case of presence of disorders in respective organ is the value of potentials and conductivity of BAP increase.

The values of electric potentials of BAP’s are approximately in 3-5 micro volts increased compared to the surrounding skin areas, although intensive physiological or pathological process leads to reasonable increase of the value of potentials exactly in the BAP’s, located in the expressed nerve connection with the certain organs and systems of a body. The extent of expression of changes in the above-mentioned formations is pro rata reflected by BAP conditions, and vice versa, according to electrophysiological characteristics (index valuesof BAP) one could clarify the intensity of processes occurring in the structures being studied.

BAP are located on the skin of proximal phalanx of fingers, wrist, metacarpal and metatarsal areas of upper and lower limbs on the rights and left sides (symmetrically); there anatomic landmarks are used – places of joining a phalanx head to its body and joining the body of phalanx to its base.

Defining the decreased electric potential (conductivity) of BAP evidences improper function of the respective canal (meridian), and high – its hyperfunction.

Decreased conductivity (electric potential) combined with increased resistance of BAP evidences hypofunction of organ connected with BAP, and increased conductivity – hypofunction of the respective organ.

In function is excessive (in hyper-energy conditions) of organ and tissue formation, conductivity of BAP increases, witnessing the presence and different extent of inflammation process in the abovementioned structure.

In function is improper (in hypo-energetic conditions) organ and tissue formation, conductivity of BAP decreases, demonstrating present and different extent of degenerative process in the structure of interest.

R.Foll developed numerical values (figure criteria) of BAP measured values, being registered in conditional units (CU), and corresponding to variants of norm and to different stages of inflammation and regeneration.

Normotonic (normal physiological) value of measured indexes for all organ and tissue formations, except for hypothalamus, equals to 50-65 CU. For children under 16 years old and for senior persons over 65 years old this value increases respectively or decreases in 10 CU.

Express-method of electro puncture diagnostics by R. Foll (EDRF) gives the possibility:

  • To study functional conditions of any organ and tissue formations of human body to established pathologic changes (inflammation or degeneration) and to identify the extent of intensity thereof according to 3 Folls’ stages;
  • To define pathologic changes at early (pre-clinical) stages;
  • To establish conditions of vegetative nerve system (presence and proneness to hypo- or hypertonic);
  • To assess objectively the efficiency of any treatment measures while examination and in dynamics – before and after treatment;
  • To perform individual drug testing of medicines, bio-active supplements etc. to discover possible negative impact on different organ and tissue formations of human body.

Rules for a patient

Before examination you are not recommended:

  • To perform physiotherapeutic procedures, remedial gymnastics, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco etc.;
  • To undergo examination in case of flu, stress, after physical loading, during “critical days”.

P.S. you should follow the hygiene of feet and hands.