Published: 04.12.2018
Conference with international participation “Topical issues of foot surgery”

In November 22-23, 2018 the scientific and practical conference with international participation “TOPICAL ISSUES OF FOOT SURGERY” took place in Kyiv. (

Organized by:

  • National Academy of medical sciences of Ukraine;
  • SI “The Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics by NAMS of Ukraine”;
  • PE “Ukrainian Association of Orthopedists-Traumatologists”;
  • Prof. O.O. Bukhtiarov Foundation Promoting Treatment and Rehabilitation of Patients with their Limbs Disorders;
  • Ukrainian Association of Sport Trauma, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy;
  • O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University;
  • Ukrainian Association of Traumatology and Osteosynthesis;
  • “Feofania” Clinical Hospital;
  • SI Clinical Hospital No. 12 of Kyiv.


CEO of the SI “The Institute of Traumatology and Osteosynthesis of the NAMS of Ukraine”, Academician of NAMS of Ukraine, Professor Gayko Georgiy Vasylovych; CEO of the SI “M.I. Sitenko Institute of Spine and Joints Pathology by the NAMS of Ukraine” Professor Korzh Mykola Oleksiiovych; President of Pan-Ukrainian NGO “Ukrainian Association of Orthopedists-Traumatologists”, deputy CEO of the SI “The Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics by the NAMS of Ukraine” in charge of scientific researches, correspondent member of the NAMS of Ukraine, professor Strafun Sergii Semenovych, CEO of the Research and Development Institute of the Branch of Donetsk National Medical University, Meritorious Person of Science and Technology of Ukraine, professor Klymovytskyi Volodymyr Gariyovych; Chief of Traumatology and Orthopedics department of Dnipro National Medical Academy, Academician of NAMS of Ukraine, professor Loskutov Oleksandr Ievgenovych; Chief of Traumatology and Orthopedics department of O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University, doctor habilitatus of medical sciences, Vice-president of the Pan-Ukrainian NGO “Ukrainian Association of Orthopedists-Traumatologists”, professor Burianov Oleksandr Anatoliiovych.

The following topics have been reported and discussed at the Plenary session:

1. Diagnostic and Treatment of Compartment-Syndrome of a Lower Limb. Dolgopolov O.V., Strafun S.S. (Kyiv)

2. Mistakes and Complications of Shin Malleolus Fractures. Liabakh A.P., Turchyn E.A., Omelchenko T.M. (Kyiv)

3. Treatment of Osteochondral Disorders and Defects of Ankle Joint. Omelchenko T.M., Burianov O.A., Liabakh A.P., Lazarenko G.N., Sobolevskyi Y.L. (Kyiv)

4. Fibular Bone Fixation after Shin Fractures: Is It Required? Kalashnikov A.V., Litun Y.M., Malyk V.D. (Kyiv-Poltava)

5. Diabetic Arthropathia of Foot as an Orthopedic Problem. Piatkovskyi V.M., Liabakh A.P., Nanynets V.Y. (Kyiv)

6. Ultrasonography of Damaged Soft Tissue Structures of Ankle Joint and a Foot. Osadcha L.E., Gayko O.G. (Kyiv)

Lectures and case reports:

1. Modern forefoot surgery: indications and techniques with titanium locked screw plates. Lecture. A.H. Hoffmann (Germany)

2. Biomechanical and clinical results of posterolateral ankle arthrodesis with talar lock plate. Lecture. N. Gutteck (Germany)

3. Biomechanical and Kinesiology Taping. Options and Peculiarities of Application in Foot and Ankle Pathology. Lection. Kifa A.M. (Kyiv)

4. Microsurgical Reconstruction of Foot Tissue Defects (Case Report). Kurinnyi I.M. (Kyiv)

5. Replacement of Extended Necrotic Defects of Foot’s Skin by Dermal-subdermal-fascial Graft (Case Report). Radomskyi O.A., Petrenko O.M., Aksiutin A.G. (Kyiv)

6. Surgical Treatment of Trophic Ulcers on Bearing Surface Area of Calcaneal Region of a Foot (Case Report). Liabakh A.P. (Kyiv)

7. Surgical Treatment of Ankle Bone’s Cysts (Case Report). Prozorovskyi D.V., Buznytskyi R.I., Romanenko K.K. (Kharkiv)

Training courses and workshops

1. Practice of Biomechanic and Kinesiology Taping. Moderator: Kifa A.M.

2. Use of Modern Immobilization Materials for Making Shin and Foot Bracing. Moderator: Zamorskyi T.V.

During the sectional session “Forefoot Pathology” the following topics were discussed:

1. Mistakes and Complications in Surgical Treatment of Hallux Valgus. Prozorovskyi D.V., Buznitskyi R.I., Romanenko K.K. (Kharkiv)

2. The Method of Choice for Corrective Osteotomy of 1 Metatarsal Bone depending of Severity of Hallux valgus. Omelchuk V.P., Omelchuk I.V. (Ivano-Frankivsk).

3. Hallux rigidus and Stage-by-Stage Treatment Thereof. Klein E.E., Murashko A.K. (Germany, Ukraine)

4. Our Own Experience of 1st Metatarsophalangeal Joint Replacement and Revolution of our Attitude to the Operation. Klein E.E. (Germany).

5. Assessment of the Strength of First Metatarsal Bone’ Initial Fixation After Different Types of Corrective Osteotomies. Loskutov A.E., Naumenko A.N., Loskutov O.A., Furmanova K.S. (Dnipro)

6. Combination of Several Osteotomies in Treatment of Severe Stages of Hallux valgus. Loskutov O.A., Naumenko A.N., Rybka V.N. (Dnipro)

7. Surgical Treatment of Taylor Deformities using Distal Osteotomies of 5th Metatarsal Bone. Prozorovskyi D.V., Buznitskyi R.I., Romanenko K.K. (Kharkiv).

8. Use of Manchester Grading Scale to Define the Severity of Hallux valgus. Rudenko R.I., Liabakh A.P. (Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv).

9. The Method for Surgical Treatment of Soft Tissue Syndactylia of Foot in Mature Age. Omelchuk V.P., Omelchuk I.V. (Ivano-Frankivsk)

10. Results of Surgical Treatment of Patients with Severe Stage of Hallux valgus. Liabakh A.P., Rudenko R.I. (Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia).

The following scientists represented their lectures at the session “Foot of a Child”:

1. Approaches to Surgical Treatment of Inborn Clubfoot in Children. Levytskyi A.F., Karabenuik O.V., Golubenko O.O. (Kyiv).

2. Arthrogrypothic Clubfoot: Peculiarities of Treatment Tactics since First Days of Life. Korolkov O.I. (Lviv)

3. Differentiated Approach to the Choice of Tactics for Correction of Severe Metatarsal Bones Deformations in Children. Dubas V.I., Sulima V.S., Boliuk Y.S. (Ivano-Frankivsk)

4. Orthopedic Shoes and Corrective Insoles are Inefficient for Mobile Planovalgus Deformities in Children. System review of literature sources. Iershov D.V., Rokutov V.S., Kravchenko V.V. (Dnipro).

5. Diagnostics and Treatment of Valgus Deformity of Foot in Children with Consequences of Open Forms of Spinal Dysgraphia. Guk Y.M., Cheverda A.I., Kincha-Polischuk T.A., A.M., Syvak M.F., Zotia A.V. (Kyiv)

6. Ankle Joint Stabilization in Children with Fibular Bone Aplasia. Korolkov O.I. (Lviv)

7. Use of Triarticular Arthrodesis for Planovalgus Deformity in Older Children and Adolescents on the background of Nerve-Muscle Diseases. Goshko V.Y., Cheverda A.I. (Kyiv)

8. Surgical Treatment of Intra-articular Fractures of Tibial Distal Metaepiphysis in Children with Arthroscopic Assistance. Levytskyi A.F., Vitiaz V.M., Terpilovskyi Y.R. (Kyiv)

9. Peculiarities of Treatment Tactics in Feet Deformities of Children with ICP. Rakhman P.M., Korolkov O.I. (Kharkiv, Lviv)

Sectional session “Ankle Joint Surgery”

1. Adequacy of Shin Ankle Fractures Treatment “Following Surgeon’s Experience” and on the Basis of Modern AO Recommendations. Sulima V.S., Chuzhak A.V., Bigun R.R. (Ivano-Frankivsk)

2. Corrective Osteotomy of Lateral Ankle after Fracture Malunions. Liabakh A.P., Burianov O.A., Omelchenko T.M. (Kyiv)

3. Traumas of Ankle Joint Ligaments and Tendons in Athletes. Kostrub O.O., Vadziuk N.S., Blonskyi R.I. (Kyiv)

4. Tactics of Treatment and Diagnostics in Chronic Post-traumatic Instability of Ankle Joint. Rushaj A.K., Buglak A.I., Martynchuk O.O. (Kyiv)

5. Arthroscopic Treatment of Ankle Bone Instability. Zayats V.B. (Kyiv)

6. Surgical Treatment of Ankle Joint Frontal-Lateral Instability. Liabakh A.P., Turchyn O.A., Omelchenko T.M., Piatkovskyi V.M. (Kyiv)

7. Strain Loop Fixation of the Injured Distal Syndesmosis of a Shin. Rushaj A.K., Martynchuk O.O., Buglak A.I. (Kyiv).

8. Remote Results of Ankle Joint Arthrodesis in Arthropathies. Piatkovskyi V.M., Nanynets V.Y., Liabakh A.P. (Kyiv)

Session of the section “Achilles Tendon Surgery. Other” covered:

 1. MRI Diagnostics of Traumas and Diseases of Ankle Joint and Foot. Radchenko K.A., Gayko O.G., Tretiakov R.A. (Kyiv)

2. Modern Approach to Treatment of Achilles Tendon Rupture. Klein E.V., Tertyshnik S.S. (Germany, Russia)

3. The Place of Endoscopic Interventions in Tendinopathy of Achilles tendon. Zazirnyi I.M. (Kyiv)

4. Anatomical Grounding of Muscle-Tendon Transposition in Surgical Treatment of Achilles Tendon Damages. Kuleva O.V., Liabakh A.P. (Kyiv)

5. Treatment of Patients with Planovalgus Deformity of Feet using Subtalar Arthroeresis. Loskutov A.E., Loskutov O.A., Furmanova K.S., Naumenko A.N. (Dnipro)

6. Diagnostic Capacities of CT in Feet Bones’ Pathologies. Mazevych V.B., Gayko O.G. (Kyiv)

7. Surgical Treatment of Calcaneal Bone Pseudoarthrosis. Nanynets V.Y. (Kyiv)

8. Comparative Assessment of Fixation Methods in Surgical Treatment of Talus Fractures. Turchyn A.M., Omelchenko T.M., Shydlovskyi M.S. (Kyiv)

Besides presentations and lectures, there were

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