Published: 20.06.2019
8th Polish-Ukrainian-Belarus Conference of Orthopedists-Traumatologists

From 13th to 15th of June, 2019 the delegation from Ukraine headed by Director of the Institute Gayko G.V. and comprising of Corr. Member of NAMS of Ukraine Strafun S.S.; Chief Physician prof. Gerasymenko S.I.; Chief of Scientific-organizing and Methodology department Ph.D. Dolgopolov O.V.; Chief scientific officer of Clinic No. 3 Poluliakh M.V.; Senior scientific officer of the Clinic of Microsurgery and Surgery of Upper Limb Ph.D. Bezuglyi A.A.; Chief of the Laboratory of Microbiology and Chemotherapy Ph.D. Liutko O.B.; orthopedist-traumatologist Lysak A.S., the second category doctor Kostogryz Y.O.; orthopedist-traumatologist Bezruchenko S.O.; orthopedist-traumatologist Avtomieienko E.M. and some others participated in the 8th Polish-Ukrainian-Belarus Conference of Orthopedists-Traumatologists, held in Krakow, Poland.

During the meeting, our delegates presented their scientific papers. The conference had been devoted to the topical issues and problems of modern orthopedics and traumatology.

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