Head – Huba Oksana Dmytrivna – transfusiologist of the highest category

Head – Huba Oksana Dmytrivna – transfusiologist of the highest categoryThe department prepares fresh-frozen blood serum in extended-storage plastic blood bags at -40°C;;

The blood transfusion department is focused to improve transfusion assistance, search for possibilities to minimize the use of donor blood at surgeries, wider application of auto-blood and different blood replacements;

The department acts as the institute’s transfusion center.

The department has a blood bank equipped with low-temperature freezers (-40°C) and centrifuges to cover completely the institute’s patients demand for RBC mass and fresh-frozen blood serum of different blood types.

The department banks almost 700 liters of donor blood.

Focuses of the department:

  • Banking and processing blood collected from volunteer donors;
  • Approbation and serological studies of donor blood for B and C hepatitis, syphilis, AIDS;
  • Control and supervision over blood transfusions at the Institute’s clinics;
  • Systematic trainings for the Institute’s physician and nurses on the matters of blood service and blood donation, prevention and treatment of post-transfusion complications;
  • Determination of blood type and Rh factor for all patients of the Institute.

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