Special board and presentations

Composition of the Special scientific board of the SI “The Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, NAMS of Ukraine”, D 26.606.01

Chairperson of the Council: Poliachenko Yurii Volodymyrovych, MD, Prof.
Deputy Chair: Strafun Serhii Semenovych, MD, Prof., corr.member of the NAMS of Ukraine
Academic secretary: Dolhopolov Oleksii Viktprpvych, Ph.D. med.

Member of the Council:
1.    Ankin Mykola Lvovych, MD, Prof.
2.    Burianov Oleksandr Anatoliiovych, MD, Prof.
3.    Gayko Georgii Vasylovych, MD, Prof., Acad. of the NAMS of Ukraine
4.    Herasymenko Serhii Ivanovych, MD, Prof.
5.    Hrytsai Mykola Pavlovych, MD, Prof.
6.    Kalashnikov Andrii Valeriiovych, MD, Prof.
7.    Kostrub Oleksandr Oleksiiovych, MD, Prof.
8.    Levytskyi Anatolii Feodosiiovych, MD, Prof.
9.    Liabakh Andrii Petrovych, MD, Prof.
10.    Mahomedov Sadruddin, MD, Prof.
11.    Movchan Oleksandr Stepanovych, MD, Prof.
12.    Piontkovskyi Valentyn Kostiantynovych, MD, Prof.
13.    Stashkevych Anatolii Trokhymovych, MD, Prof.
The Special Scientific Council D 26.606.01


Presentation of dissertations


GerasymenkoAndriiSergiiovych “Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty in Different Variants of Simultaneous Lasions thereof in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients”


SergiienkoRuslanOleksiiovych“Prevention, Diagistics, and Treatment of Shoulder Osteoarthritis”


Protsiuk Viktor Vasylovych “Bone Alloplasty in Revision Hip Arthroplasty after a Prosthesis Septic and Aseptic Instability”


Bodnia Oleksandr Ivanovych Clinical-biomechanical Substantiation of a Less-Invasive Osteosynthesis for Rearfoot Bones’ Fractures and their Consequences”


KovalchukVitaliiMykolayovych“Optimization of a Knee Femoral Medial Condyle’s Cartilage Posttraumatic Defects Treatment”