(Chief of the Department for Bone-Purulent Surgery)

Gryrtsay Mykola PavlovychDr hab.med., professor

Chief of the Department for Bone-Purulent Surgery


  • Treatment of consequences of limbs traumas (deformations, shortenings);
  • Reconstructive and recovery orthopedic surgical interventions after infectious complications, including those after metal Osteosynthesis (surface, intramedullary and penetrating);
  • Treatment of osteomyelitis of limbs by method of managed penetrating Osteosynthesis by Ilizarov;
  • Treatment of pseudoarthroses, bone defects, fracture nonunions (with/without skin defect), complicated and not complicated by infectious process;
  • Treatment of hematogenic osteomyelitis in different localizations, including adaptive forms in adults and children (Brody abscess, Garre osteomyelitis, tumor-like);
  • Free and limited bone plastic in treatment of chronic osteomyelitis of locomotion system in children and adults;
  • Treatment of purulent complications after joint replacement;
  • Temporarily spacering of big joints after purulent disorders of big joints (purulent arthritis, purulent complications after primary joint replacement with further revision joint replacement).